For the official Selvage guide for cutting and expectations of quality, Click Here.


ASD is the only official distributor of Cone selvage denim; closeouts, irregulars and experimental categories. We term all of the categories as “out of specification” or “OFS”.

Because these authentic selvage denims are woven of “Ring Spun” yarns, rope dyed with indigo dyes and woven on antique shuttle looms, the frequency of defects is going to be inherently more than denims woven on a modern weaving machine.

Our OFS selvage denim will be a natural extension of the defect level in any roll or rolls of fabric we sell. Every yard of our OFS denim is finished, sanforized and inspected to the same standard as “first quality” denim.

Because our denims have more flaws, or may not adhere to exacting mill standards for first quality selvage, is the reason we can offer these merchantable denims at significantly lower prices than first quality.

All our denims are ready for cutting and come packaged in the original mill packaging with proper mill style tickets on the roll.


At ASD we are happy to sell one roll or 100 rolls, based on your fabric needs. We do not cut length from individual rolls, but we will inform you of the roll sizes within our inventory and allow you to make the best purchase decision. We have many smaller size rolls as well as larger size rolls available in inventory.

All rolls shipped from our warehouse located at the Cone Denim, Carlisle Facility in Carlisle South Carolina, USA.


At ASD we only post the yardages that are already in our warehouse and open for sale. Sometimes, sales are booked at a pace that yardage can drastically change at a moment's notice. It is our policy to update yardages every 24 hours. Properly approved to ship orders, will dispatch within 48 hours, based on the routing specified by the customer. All orders are sold “ex-works” facility in Carlisle, South Carolina, USA.


ASD is committed to providing the most competitively priced selvage denims in America. Our prices will not change daily, weekly, or monthly. Denim prices however are subject to changing market conditions, such as raw materials like cotton fiber or other competitive factors. ASD reserves the right to change prices at will.


ASD is pleased to send swatches (size tbc), free of charge via USPS on request to assist your decision making process. Sample yardage is not available; the next step is to purchase a minimum roll size from inventory.


It is our policy to have happy, repeat customers at ASD. We will always respond to questions and concerns in the field. As a fabric wholesale distributor, we cannot approve general retail type returns or purchasing errors unless they were the responsibility of ASD.